1. Glass

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the glass in your windows plays a critical role in determining how effective they are at keeping your home warm and comfortable. Our two-, three- and four-pane windows provide far better temperature and noise protection than the double-pane windows you’ll get at a home-improvement store.

2. Frame

One of the most important factors that determines the quality of your windows is the frame. There are several aspects of a frame you should consider, which we discuss below. But first is the frame’s material. Capitol Glass builds our frames with UPVC vinyl, which never needs to be painted and enables us to build stronger, better-insulated windows.

3. Corners

Some manufacturers still screw the corners of the frames together, especially fiberglass window manufacturers. This can result in gaps and even water leaks into your walls. It’s also why most of these windows need to be replaced within a few years. We build frames with a state-of-the-art process called “fusion-welding,” which permanently bonds the vertical and horizontal pieces. This makes a much stronger window and eliminates gaps at the corners.

4. Insulation

Capitol Glass windows are designed and built to be warmer than most of the windows on the market today. We invented a proprietary frame design with a wider pocket that allows for more space between the glass panes. We then fill that space with argon gas, which is heavier than air. Taken together, these two innovative techniques enable Capitol Glass windows to provide exceptionally high levels of thermal and noise insulation.

5. R-value

R-value is the industry standard of insulation measurement. Essentially, it measures how effectively parts of the house, like walls and roof, block heat transfer. Capitol Glass windows have a higher R-value than conventional windows. This is not only a good way to give you confidence in your home’s ability to stand up to Alaska’s winter, it’s also a great way to increase your home’s resale value.

6. Style

All Capitol Glass windows are custom-made. No matter what style your home is, we can custom manufacture windows that work perfectly with your architecture, including uniquely shaped or large windows. We can design windows that stand out as a bold architectural feature of your home, or that simply accentuate a unique home design. Standard frame colors are white or beige. Additionally, we have a large selection of colors that we can coat your windows with if preferred. We also provide custom color matching.

7. Warranty

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, whether it’s shoes or windows. If you save money up front only to have to replace your windows in a few years, you haven’t really saved money. Capitol Glass windows last longer and provide far better thermal and noise insulation. To back that up, we offer a warranty of 20 years against frame and IG failure. During the first 10 years, if one of our insulated glass units fails we will cover the labor to replace it. Certain limitations may apply. Bottom line is, we believe we make the best windows available in Alaska, and we’re willing to stand behind our product.